Arnold G.

October 5, 2019

Was very impressed with both Tony and Maria through the whole process.


Virgil H.

June 17, 2019

Tony is a great guy who aims to please.


Margaret Hill

We had our closing last night. I wanted to thank you for such a pleasant experience!!! We will recommend you to anyone we know purchasing or re-financing.

Thanks again!!!!


Neidi Lockmann

April 27, 2018

Everything was perfect! I had a great experience, everything was done in a timely manner. Better than I was expecting in all phases of the process.


Gregory Robbins

June 19, 2018

Everything was smooth, all my many questions were answered, and things were done in a timely manner. Pleased for sure and would recommend.


Stephanie S.

May 14, 2019

Thank you Tony for all of your help and for answering all of our questions! This was such a smooth and easy process!


Ruth Flores Cruz

November 7, 2018

Tony and Brenda, his processor, were on top of everything and always ready to answer any questions or concerns I had!


Denise Lefkowich

August 27, 2018

Tony and his team are fantastic! He is very knowledgeable, friendly and it is always a pleasure dealing with him.


Eleanor Rapolla

September 28, 2018

Tony Foglio and Brenda, his processor, were really terrific. Absolutely would recommend!


Denise Lefkowich

July 31, 2018

Shout out to a fantastic Mortgage guy, Tony Foglio!

If anyone ever needs a knowledgeable, reliable person, look no further! He has helped us with several homes. Thank you again Tony. We really appreciate your help with everything!!!


Jay Sarno

October 23, 2015

Tony is very professional and extremely easy to deal with on a one on one basis. He really takes his job seriously and will explain everything in detail and thoroughly.


Nicole Farulla

April 27, 2018

Tony and Brenda, his processor, were great and helpful through the entire mortgage process!


Chrisanne Howley

November 9, 2017

My loan and closing were handled expertly and as quickly as possible. Tony and Brenda, his processor, did an outstanding job! I can't say enough about Tony and Brenda. They are professional and efficient, and they kept me informed throughout the entire process. I switched mortgage companies in the middle of the loan process. Tony and Brenda picked up the ball and ran with it like pros. I will recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a home.


Fernando & Maria Goncalves

"What was unique about Tony was that he took the time to answer every question that we had every time we called. He always returned our calls within a timely fashion and when we met to go over our needs he was ready with options to better suit our needs. He told us everything we needed to send him and we sent it to him. He was detailed in his explanations whenever we didn't understand something, and he was, most of all, patient with us. We felt that he really was looking out for our best interest. He never made us feel uneasy and when he sensed that we might have been feeling overwhelmed he was a great support. We loved working with Tony and will work with him again when the need arises. We would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat."


Ellen Cunningham

"I am a Realtor and have been dealing with Tony since we met almost 15 years ago. I can honestly say that Tony has always been a tremendous help to me when dealing with my clients. More importantly, he always delivers what he promises! There has never been a surprise at the closing table and I’ve never had to deal with an unhappy client because their mortgage was a mess! Tony makes sure he does what he says and in this business, that’s a huge asset for the borrowers.

I work with many first time home buyers and they tend to be apprehensive and frightened by the whole process of obtaining a mortgage… so it’s a real comfort to know that when I refer them to Tony, he knows how to navigate them comfortably and efficiently through the process.

Along the way, Tony has always been available for any questions that the borrowers or I have. He tells you what to expect at all times and I say this not only as a Realtor, but as someone who has used his services in the past …I honestly recommend him to everyone! He knows what products are available and applies his knowledge to meeting the specific needs of each individual client. Tony is aware of industry trends and keeps up with this ever changing environment… and in my experience; I have found that a lot of bankers do not really know what is going on in the industry but Tony is truly an expert in his field.
Simply stated, Tony is fantastic! He genuinely cares about his clients and works vigorously to make sure they get the most affordable mortgage to fit their specific needs."


Sandi Mackenzie

"Tony is just a really down to earth honest good guy. He listens and makes you feel comfortable no matter what your situation may be. At the time I was recommended to Tony, I was going through a very difficult divorce. I knew very little about obtaining a mortgage on my own. He explained everything and made it very easy. I was extremely worried about my financial situation and providing for my three children. Tony worked out several scenarios that would work for us and helped me decide which was best for my situation at the time. He is very up front about the options and works fast to get things done. As I mentioned, I knew very little about the process and if it wasn't for Tony being there at the closing, errors would have gone unnoticed. He picked up on a mistake which would have cost me a lot of money if not brought up. I felt safe leaving it in Tony's hands... knowing he would do his best to give all his attention to the task at hand and take into consideration my special circumstances and needs. I know I can always call Tony and count on him for some good advice."


Morae Bousanti

We have wanted to buy a house for a long time. It was a very scary and stressful process. The staff at Greenway mortgage made this process less stressful andless scary. They helped with everything. ANY question or confusion we had during this process was answered. They got back to us literally right away everytime I called. I have never been so
pleased. We are very thankful for the Greenway team - especially our processor Suzy Lobo and our amazing loan officer Tony Foglio. I can sit and rave all day about them! All in all they made our dream come true.

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